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Available in Liepaja (Latvia) and online

3D sculpting in VR

Tuesday, March 28

5PM – 7PM (local time in Liepaja)

In Liepaja (MPLab, Liepaja, Kurmajas pr 13)

Online participants are welcome to join the intro lecture

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by Rogier Jupijn and Agnese Damberga

This masterclass will experiment with the available tools and equipment to explore self-expression in 3D.

Participants will be able to sculpt, to draw and to create objects in VR that after the masterclass can be placed in an AR pop-up exhibition in the Digital gallery ART+ (

Participants will be working in a shared VR space and will be able to work on individual or collaborative objects.

Basics of AI for Creatives

Wednesday, March 29

5 PM – 7 PM (local time in Liepaja)

Online and in Liepaja (MPLab, Liepaja, Kurmajas pr 13)

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By Laura Wagner

Designers of the silicon age proficiently mediate between the visceral and digital realms, when designing with and around technology. But how exactly do we reconcile disembodied technologies such as AI, with those aspects of the design profession that emphasize and often rely on tacit knowledge, gained through bodily multi-sensory experience and interaction? This hands-on workshop is oriented towards collaboratively finding an approach to dealing with applied Machine Learning techniques while developing speculative future visions on machine-human hybridization. A high-level understanding of applied Machine Learning principles will be conveyed by means of practical appropriation of AI tools, while retaining scrutiny on their concurrent ethical and societal issues. Views of posthuman thinkers such as Rosi Braidotti, Donna Haraway, and Katherine Hayles will be introduced and contrasted with visions from the tech-world that are based on a mind-body hierarchy. Participants are invited to construct and share future visions of human-machine collaboration while appropriating AI tools that can be integrated into their individual workflows. Novel ways of co-creation with machines will be explored, focusing on text-to-image techniques such as Stable Diffusion. Learnings made during the workshop through practical experiments will serve as a starting point to reflect on and discuss possible future scenarios and modalities of human-machine interaction and collaboration.

Creativity Through Spontaneity, Improvisation, and Play


5 PM – 7 PM (local time in Liepaja)


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By Tobin Asher

When it comes to creation, how do we step outside the realm of what’s known? Whether we’re making a piece of art or charting a course for our lives, it is easy to stay confined in the familiar. Together we will explore tools and techniques for stepping out of linear thought and make space for novel experiences to take form. Come prepared to participate and stretch yourself outside of what’s comfortable. There are no grades and no getting it wrong, so have fun with it!