Masterclasses are hybrid events planned for participants online and in Liepaja (MPLab, Kūrmājas pr. 13, basement)

Masterclasses are free and open for anyone.

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Time schedule

TouchDesigner and Performative technologies by Akyute

This masterclass will share the experience of the artists duo Akyute using TouchDesigner, a node-based visual programming software for creating interactive multimedia content in real time. TouchDesigner will allow you to connect “everything to everything” in the digital media world. In their masterclass Akyute will share their approach towards the development of projects, concepts, and software, and show some basics and with guidelines to design an interactive installation using TouchDesigner.

Akyute is an artistic duo by Natalia Gima and Magdalena Hart. In their practice they use technology as a tool to reconnect the human experience, integrating nature into the digital age, unifying the design of interactive experiences, audio-visual arts, and generative sound. Together they seek to expand environmental awareness through art, design, technology, and speculative imagination.

Machine Learning by Maria Verstappen, Erwin Driessens

In this masterclass, Driessens & Verstappen will take you through the possibilities that self-organizing processes offer to the automatic production of art. An important source of inspiration for us is the decentralized processes in our natural environment. In these so-called bottom-up processes, forms and patterns are not organized by a central authority, but by local interactions between many decentralized components.

During the master class you will gain insight into computer science concepts such as Artificial Life, Cellular Automata, Genetic Algorithm, Artificial Evolution, Machine Learning, Artificial Neural Networks, and their applications in the creation of unpredictable and complex works of art.

For over 30 years, the focus in our work is on self-organising and adaptive systems to create art, and Machine learning is just a new technique to achieve that. We will discuss works in which we apply ML and AI but it is also other approaches like cellular automata, artificial life, genetic algorithms, artificial evolution.

Before the masterclass we would like to suggest watching these introductions to Complexity Theory, to have more understanding of self-organisation and adaptive systems:

Non-traditional gung fu brewing as tool in artistic biotechnology by Jan Glockner

This is a conceptual masterclass. Please join the class to discover new concepts, new approaches and to gain inspiration for your future artistic works. The masterclass will explore tea drinking as the mental and bodily primer to compose and dance with fungi. Jan Glockner will share his research and practice using biotechnology in his practice-led research.

Join the masterclass in Liepaja (MPLab) to drink the tea together with the artist and other participants. 

Retinalalian Group Hum: breathing-sounding the retinal code by Bartaku

This is a conceptual masterclass. Bartaku will share his research, findings and proposed future development of his research – MicroTuning: Attunement to respiratory cooling tower microbiomes.

In this masterclass we will take part in a performative investigative experiment – the participants will have to focus on the moving particles in their eyes, and translate them intuitively nonsensically sonically, fully present, using their body as sound generator. The performance will consist of a preparation phase – 11 minutes, followed by the collective performance – 11 minutes.

Raspberry Pi Camera by Rogier Jupijn

Raspberry Pi camera can be used for creating photos, videos, time-lases videos, animation, etc. It is cheap and open source. Using a Raspberry Pi for your artistic practice, you can create visual materials without needing huge investments. In this masterclass we will go through the process of setting up the camera, Raspberry Pi automatization, and basic post-processing using FFmpeg.

For students who want to make a practical work within the masterclass, please join the class in Liepaja (MPLab). We will offer camera sets to work with practically over the 2 days of the masterclass.