Nov 22 – 30, 2021

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Evening Program

The Evening Program consists of discussions, masterclasses, and presentations. All events are free and open for everyone, no prior knowledge needed. 

To take part in any of the evening events, you can join the conversation in ZOOM (prior registration is required. Register here to receive e-mail reminders or go to ZOOM Events) or watch them on YouTube (no registration, links attached to the descriptions) 

MON Nov 22 18:00 – 20:00 (GMT+2)

Masterclass with Ellen Pearlman 

AI, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, and the Network: An Expanded Universe

followed by a discussion moderated by Rasa Smite

WED Nov 24 18:00 – 20:00 (GMT+2)

GREEN Revisited – Encountering Emerging Naturecultures Symposium

Creative Europe’s supported GREEN project’s final event moderated by Rasa Smite, Jens Hauser and Kristin Bergaust.

18:00 Overview of the GREEN Revisited project and RIXC activities: from ECODATA to PostSENSORIUM. By Agnese Baranova and Rasa Smite / RIXC

18:10 OU\ /ERT. GREEN exhibition in Bourge / France. By Jens Hauser and Isabelle Carlier / Ementrop – Antrepeaux (tbc.)

18:20 The 4th Renewable Futures conference / FELT in Oslo / Norway. By Kristin Bergaust / Oslo MET.

18:30 Sensing the Invisible [Non-Green] (SING) Residencies in Ljubljana / Slovenia. By Uros Veber / Projekt Atol.

18:50 Homo Economicus and Sensing workshops in Eindhoven / The Netherlands. By Olga Mink / Baltan Laboratories

19:00 Art and Biopolitics residency at Biofilia / Finland. By Helena Sederholm / Aalto University (tbc.)

19:10 Update (iWeek) Festival Workshps in Liepaja. By Maija Demitere / Liepaja University’ MPLab

19:20 Final Discussion: Evaluation & Feedback, GREEN publication and follow up, moderated by Jens Hauser, Kristin Bergaust and Rasa Smite

More information about the GREEN project:

THU Nov 25 18:00 – 20:00 (GMT+2)

Discourse on XR/AR/VR

Participants: Eva Jankovska (Embrace – XR Art Event), Hanna Pajala-Assefa (SKELETON CONDUCTOR XR ART), Patrick Borgeat (ARquatic, DigEx), Maija Demitere, Rogier Jupijn (, Ieva Vīksne

Conversation about extended and augmented reality artworks and projects – artists, developers and producers will share their experience, challenges, innovations, and views on the future.

The conversation is open – everyone is invited to join and ask questions, share thoughts and ideas.

FRI Nov 26 18:00 – 20:00 (GMT+2)

Masterclass on Building experiences for VR

By Steven Jupijn (technical artist at Apollo Journey)

In this 2-hour masterclass I will be digging into the change in perspective required when building games, audiovisual experiences, and training software for virtual reality (VR) devices. VR offers as many benefits as caveats, and in this presentation, we’ll be looking at what years of VR development has taught me.

TUE Nov 30 18:00 – 20:00 (GMT+2)

Discourse on Garbage and Art

Participants: Byron Rich (biology futures, speculative design), Jan Glöckner (interspecies communication, non-human ethics), Alex Young (ruderal futures, other-than-human worlding), Maija Demitere (food, gardens, hydroponics, aquaponics), Repair Cafe Rīga

Conversation about garbage – how to talk about garbage/recycling/sustainability/resources in art practices? What is sustainable art (greenwashing)? What role is assigned to an artist in this struggle against climate change?

The conversation is open – everyone is invited to join and ask questions, share thoughts and ideas.