Prototyping a Garden by Krišjānis Rijnieks

Parts of this workshop are suitable for online participation; practical work (like building, printing, milling etc.) will have limited online access

Key-words: prototyping, CAD, CNC milling, 3D printing, automatization, modular design, Raspberry Pi

What to expect?

Practical workshop – workshop host will give introduction and instructions, present background and introduce the equipment; participants will follow instructions and do assignments. The workshop participants all together with the workshop host will create one substantial project


In this workshop participants will learn basics of computer-aided design (CAD), designing and preparing files for 3D printing and CNC milling. Raspberry Pi will be used for programming and automatization of the newly built hydroponics system.

Hydroponics is an approach to gardening that offers users a combination between growing their own food and experiment-based creative engineering – skills that are crucial for new media artists, designers, and innovators.

Day 1Day 2Day 3
Electronics design with KiCad. Additionally, we will try soldering and PCB milling.CAD design with FreeCAD. We will use a CNC milling machine to mill parts and 3D print fittings.Connecting all the parts and setting up Raspberry Pi. We will use a ready Git repository with Python code and install script. And finally – we will place plants in the finished hydroponics system.