Nov 22 – 26

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All workshops are designed to help participants to develop new skills and master specific technologies (software, hardware, equipment etc.).

Workshops are free and available for registration!

All workshops are designed to accommodate participants both online and in Liepaja (limited number of participants). Participation by prior registration only.

Some workshops are taking place at the same time, please pay attention to the schedule!
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Nov 22, Mon (18:00 – 20:00), Nov 23 – 25, Tue – Thu (16:00 – 17:30)

AI, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, and the Network: An Expanded Universe

Ellen Pearlman

Key words: XR, VR, Conceptual thinking

A 2 hour masterclass on Monday + 3 in-depth conversational afternoons will focus on the future of XR, AR, VR and beyond.

Nov 22, Mon (10:00 – 15:00)

Krista Dintere 

Key words: Deep listening, Field recordings

In this 1-day workshop participants will learn about deep listening principles, they will practice making sound recordings and editing them. Through Sound art practice it is possible to listen to the urban environment and find cultural cues in the city and society.

The skill of working with sound recordings (recording, editing) can be used in almost all fields (making audiovisual art, video, film, sound art, design, production, and marketing etc.).


  • computer / laptop,
  • (a digital sound recording device) phone and headphones, 
  • download and install: REAPER Audio (
Nov 23 – 25, Tue – Thu (10:00 – 15:00)

Roberto Becerra

Space in Sound | Sound in Space

Key words: Immersive sound, Sound installation

Sound is inherently linked to the physical space where it exists. We can think of sound-in-space and of space-in-sound, spatial sound, or in other words the sound that creates the illusion of space. They both carry similar and overlapping concepts with differences on applications and representations. Through a conversation ranging from elementary topics on the matter, to revisions of Roberto’s works, he will talk about Sound in Space, not only as a stereo consideration in music, but also as creations in sound art. 

The workshop “Space in Sound | Sound in space” will lead participants over concepts, techniques and practical applications of sound making/processing in order to work and create with both spatial sound, and sound located in a physical space. Harnessing elements gathered during a listening and recording session led by Krista Dintere, this workshop has a jump start with fresh sound material to play with. 

Roberto Becerra, is an artist, engineer, technologist, multidisciplinary and sound maker. Cofounder of Ideas Block creative space, in Vilnius, Lithuania, and of Arttice culture platform. Roberto is a developer and assistant lecturer at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre.


The workshop “Space in Sound | Sound” by Roberto Becerra is organised in collaboration with BIAN, Baltic Immersive Audio Network ( with the support of “Nordic Culture Point” programme.

Nov 22 – 25, Mon – Thu (10:00 – 15:00)

Sune Petersen

Data Driven AudioVisuals

Key words: Generative visualizations, Visual coding, vvvv

In this workshop we will explore the possibilities of using data to create dynamic audiovisuals. We will use either the data provided for the workshop or participants can choose their own data.

The work will be based on vvvv-beta. Prior experience with vvvv is not necessary. 

vvvv is a multipurpose toolkit – it is a hybrid visual/textual development environment. vvvv can be used to create real-lime visualizations, for VJ-ing, to generate visual materials for future use.


  • computer / laptop (windows),
  • download and install vvvv-beta (
  • headphones

Prior reading:

Nov 23 – 24, Tue – Wed (11:00 – 17:00)

Ģirts Ozoliņš

Modular Synthesizer – real-time performance and sound art

Key words: Modular synthesizer

This workshop will be hosted in Liepaja. Participants who will follow the workshop online will be able to watch the instructions and tutorials (limited participation).

In this 2-day workshop participants will have a chance to work with modules from EricaSynths to create a real-time performance, jam sessions, and make sound recordings. 

What is a modular synthesizer? Please read:

Nov 25 – 26, Thu – Fri (11:00 – 17:00)

Alvis Misjuns

Organic and Synthetic 

Key words: Motion capture, 3D scanning, Photogrammetry, A-Frame

In this 2-day workshop participants will go through the process of creating a digital 3D scene that can be viewed and experienced in a browser, on a phone, on a computer, using VR devices. These skills can be used in creating and exhibiting 3D objects and experiences, games, web interfaces, in web design, product promotion etc.  

The workshop participants will start with learning how to create 3D objects (using Lidar, 3D scanning and modeling with Blender), learn the basics of motion tracking (Microsoft Kinect), and how to add the recorded motion to the 3D object. The newly created objects will be used in a WebVR project using A-Frame.


  • computer / laptop,
  • download and install Blender,
  • create a account.

Prior reading:

  • Alvis Misjuns || Photogrammetry and its application:

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